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New Details Emerge In Riverside Shootout That Killed Officer Andre Moye Jr.

RIVERSIDE (CBSLA) — Police officers from across the state paused to honor a fallen comrade Wednesday as new details emerged about the shooting suspect and his criminal history.

In Sacramento, California Highway Patrol officers offered slain officer Andre Moye Jr. a solemn salute while a procession of officers back home escorted his hearse to a Riverside funeral home.

"He, and all of the other officers involved, faced evil that day," CHP Inland officer Steve Carapia said.

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Moye, an Inland Empire native, was in the process of impounding a truck when the driver, Aaron Luther, fired a semi-automatic rifle and killed the officer. According to Luther's wife, her husband was stopped for driving alone in the carpool lane with expired tags and registration. Riverside police said they still do not have a motive for the shooting.

Luther had already served 10 years in prison for attempted murder and burglary and had been arrested several times since his release — once for assaulting a police officer. According to reports from the Los Angeles Times, sources close to the investigation said Luther used an untraceable "ghost gun" in the attack, but Riverside police said the gun is sitting in an evidence box and that their crime lab has not yet processed the firearm.

Police said Moye was likely unaware of Luther's violent criminal history. According to CHP, officers don't typically request that information during routine traffic stops.

While the investigation continues into the gun fight that broke out on the 215 Freeway Monday, friends are continuing to remember Moye as a dedicated public servant who always saw the good in people.

"We all thank him for what he did," Carapia said. "He changed many lives. Everybody he touched, he changed."

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