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CHP Officer Accused In Beating Of Grandmother Identified In Federal Lawsuit

LOS ANGELES ( —  New details are emerging in the story of the CHP officer who was caught on cell phone video repeatedly punching a homeless woman in the face.

The incident occurred on July 1 on an on-ramp of the 10 Freeway.

The victim -- now identified as Marlene Mardella Pinnock --  revised a complaint she made alleging her civil rights were violated. The complaint also seeks compensatory damages.

Marlene Pinnock
Marlene Pinnock, pictured here in a 2009 photo, was awarded $1.5 million in a civil settlement for the July assault on the 10 Freeway. (credit: Pinnock's attorney Caree Harper)

CBS2's Jeff Nguyen said the revised complaint now names the officer as Daniel L. Andrew. (The CHP would not confirm the officer's name.)

Pinnock's attorney, Caree Harper, told KCAL9's Jeff Nguyen she learned the name with the help of a detention form signed "D. Andrew."

"Basically his writing was, you know, pretty much all the evidence we needed," Harper said.

A spokesperson had previously told Nguyen the officer in question in this case was with the department about a year-and-a-half.

The complaint also alleges shocking new details about what happened before the beating was captured on video by a passerby.

Pinnock, 51, says that the defendant approached her and "addressed her by her name" having had contact with him on prior occasions.

She said she became frightened by him as he was "arrogant acting with me," her suit alleges.

Pinnock said she left the area and heard no commands from the officer. She said she was then violently thrown to the ground and "bamming me in my temples with all the strength he had."

She also said the officer purposely ripped her dress to expose her bare buttocks to drivers going by on the freeway.

Her complaint also says she continues to fear the officer -- or his colleagues -- will try to do her harm.

Pinnock, a grandmother, also said the officer lied in his report of the incident when he referred to her as "combative."

Her complaint also quotes him saying she referred to him as "the devil."

Pinnock's lawyers wrote, "Whether or not Ms. Pinnock called him the devil is secondary to the fact that he proved that he was indeed the devil or a very close relative." She says she found it unconscionable that the CHP served a search warrant on the hospital to receive Pinnock's medical records.

The CHP said they could not comment on the particulars of the case but released the following statement.

"The purpose of any investigation is to gather the evidence and facts of an incident.  If an incident involves the claim of injuries to any of the parties involved, facts pertinent to that investigation would include injuries that were sustained.  Documents - such as copies of medical records - would be relevant to the investigation."

Pinnock also alleges that David Diaz, the man who videotaped the incident, has been intimidated by an investigator named in the suit as S. Taketa.

Nguyen also reported Saturday that Pinnock remains hospitalized still in need of medical care.

He also reported the CHP officer has reportedly been assigned "desk duty."


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