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New App Allows Diners To Pay With Their Phones

WEST HOLLYWOOD ( — If you're worried about your credit card getting skimmed at a restaurant or bar, a new app promises it can keep that from happening.

Ike Pyun, with TabbedOut, says users provide the app with personal information and when it's time to pay at a bar or restaurant that uses the app, it's as simple as letting your server or bartender know.

Once the bill is ready, the server inputs the customer's name into their point-of-sale computer and only the last four digits of your credit card number is shown.

"You don't have to worry about someone walking off with your credit card, you know, taking a picture of the front or back of your card and hope that they don't clear your bank account," Pyun said.

The app also itemizes orders, allows users to split the bill and add gratuity.

"Basically it's the most secure and convenient way to pay at restaurants and bars," Pyun said.

More than a 100 Los Angeles restaurants are using TabbedOut, including popular Rock and Reilly's Irish Pub in West Hollywood.

"Most of our customers are very affluent throughout the Hollywood area and TabbedOut is the easy way to get in and out of a restaurant," Rock and Reilly's Ryan Der said.

Pyun says all you need to do to begin using the app at a participating location is to download it for free on your smartphone.

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