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New AI technology will allow Metro buses to spot bus lane violators and report to traffic enforcement

New AI system will allow cameras on Metro buses to highlight, ticket cars parked in bus lanes
New AI system will allow cameras on Metro buses to highlight, ticket cars parked in bus lanes 02:30

A brand new artificial intelligence powered system will allow cameras on Metro buses to target and ticket drivers illegally using bus lanes in Los Angeles. 

The system, similar to those already in place in San Francisco and Washington, DC, which will use 100 cameras programmed with AI technology placed in bus windshields, will specifically be looking for offenders using the lanes during posted times where they're specifically supposed to be for bus use.

"We've told the system using AI that if a vehicle is parked in a certain location, then the image of that vehicle should be captured," said Charles Territo, with Hayden AI, the driving force behind the programming. "An image of that license plate should be captured."

At that point, the images will be sent to parking enforcement for review, but only for bus lane and bus stop violations.

The program comes as a result of a bill passed by California lawmakers in 2021. 

"It basically revised the California vehicle code to authorize transit agencies like Metro to install cameras on buses," said Metro official Dave Sotero. "This is a pilot program, the legislation extends until 2027. So, we'll see if it continues after that."

Driver will receive one warning before they are ticketed for repeat offense. In Los Angeles County, the fine for parking in a bus loading zone is $250. 

The law requires that all images taken should be destroyed after a certain amount of time. For those where a ticket is not issued, the image must be deleted within 15 days and within 60 days if a ticket is issued. 

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