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NASA Pilots Who Flew Aircraft That Carried Endeavour Over LA Share Stories, Pictures

EXPOSITION PARK ( — The NASA Dryden pilots who flew the aircraft that carried space shuttle Endeavour over the Southland nearly a year ago shared their stories and pictures from the historic event Friday at the California Science Center.

The pilots, who were joined by videographers and photographers who took part in the flyover, spoke with students from Hands-On Science Camp.

"To be part of bringing it actually to its final resting place here at the California Science Center, I couldn't ask for any bigger highlight in my career," said videographer Lori Losey.

The team wanted to help educate children about Endeavour's final landing and share a message to future generations: Dare to dream.

"Anybody that walks away from the experience, of either seeing the videos or the pictures or the event, that gets motivated, I'm sure there are a lot of them that changed their direction as a result of that day," said research pilot Bill Brockett.

"All these astronauts that are out there, people who are test pilots, photographers, there are not a lot of aerial photographers out there in the world, but yet these people got to do it, so if you want to do it, try to go do it. Somebody's got to do it, why not you?" said chief pilot Nils Larsen.

The NASA team will sign autographs for the public near the "Mission 26: The Big Endeavour Photo Exhibit" on Saturday between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. at the science center.

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