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Nanny Cam Catches Repairman In Disturbing Act Involving Underwear

PLAYA VISTA (CBSLA) -- A Plays Vista man is disturbed by what he saw a repairman doing on his child's nanny cam.

The camera shows the repairman walking around the bedroom of two young girls.

Their dad was appalled after seeing what a floor repairman appeared to do with their underwear.

KCAL9/CBS2's Peter Daut spoke to the outraged father.

Right now, that outraged man says he is waiting to speak with detectives. He's already filed a police report naming that worker.

The man is shown walking around the bedroom when he sees a hamper. He goes up to the hamper and peeks inside. He looks around, apparently to check to see no one is watching, and then reaches in touching the clothes and underwear.

Jason Cooper told Daut he hired the man to fix damaged floors in his home Wednesday.

Cooper's jaw literally hit the floor when he saw what the nanny cam captured.

"I was enraged when I saw this video" Cooper says.

Cooper says the the camera on his 3-year-old daughter's crib recorded the worker making multiple trips to the hamper.

At one point you see him reach in to grab underwear. He turns away from the camera but you see him bring the item of clothing up to his face.

"And he's sniffing or licking, doing something disgusting with my either 5-year-old or 3-year-old's underwear," Cooper says.

The worker goes back again but this time appears to put the girl's underwear in his pocket before leaving.

After seeing the video, Cooper says he filed a police report.

Daut called and emailed the man Cooper says is in this video but he did not get back to the reporter.

Cooper says he confronted the man by phone and that the man gasped after being told he had been recorded.

"And I didn't let him speak to me.  I didn't want to hear what he had to say.  He knew what he had done, he knew I had video of it. I want to make sure he can't do this to another family, and to another 5-year-old or another 3-year-old," Cooper says

It's unclear right now what charges the repairman could face, in addition to petty theft.

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