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Music Therapy Wellness Clinic

NORTHRIDGE (CBS) — Music can be a form of therapy for many people who are dealing with physical, emotional and intellectual challenges.

The Music Therapy Wellness Clinic at Cal State Northridge is considered a great option for many people.

Willow Cox, 14, has autism and has been coming to the clinic since she was three years old.

"Because she was reading before she was two, no one thought that that was unusual, but I certainly did," Willow's therapist Julie Allis Berghofer said.

Berghofer has been working with Willow for most of her life and has played a major role in Willow's growth.

The clinic was founded 16 years ago and it's a product of CSUN's Music Therapy Program which was established back in 1984.

CSUN is the only state school in California that offers this type of degree.

The staff consists of four therapists and the clinic serves nearly 30 clients each week and not just clients challenged by autism.

The clinic serves people who are trying to overcome a trauma or addiction as well.

For more information about the clinic, visit the Music Therapy Wellness Clinic website here.

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