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Murrieta neighbors plagued constantly leaking groundwater with mysterious source

Murrieta homeowners frustrated by mysterious groundwater constantly leaking under their homes
Murrieta homeowners frustrated by mysterious groundwater constantly leaking under their homes 02:31

Some Murrieta residents are struggling to find the source of groundwater that seems to be constantly leaking in their neighborhood, raising concerns about how much built up moisture there actually is under their homes. 

"I feel like I'm on a boat," said John Perry, who purchased him house on Arron court less than a year ago.

He says it didn't take long for him to realize that something was wrong, when he noticed water sponging the grass, filling the sewer and gutters and leaving algae, mold and moss behind.

On top of that, his home has been all but infiltrated by the masses of mosquitos taking up camp in the sitting water. 

"First of September it started getting worse and worse and worse and it's just been nonstop ever since," he said. "When water flows, it's gonna take dirt with it, which creates cavities and eventually you're gonna have something fall into that hole."

Pamela Race, who lives next door to Perry, is having the same issue. 

"I just feel hopeless, because nobody is trying to help. Everyone is trying to pass the buck," she said. 

Despite contacting city officials and the Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District, they've been unable to identify the source of the constantly leaking groundwater. 

"They have engineers on staff, people much smarter than we are that can figure out a way to figure out what's causing it and a way to fix it," Race said. "I'm frustrated, I'm very angry. Here we are, tax payer dollars, and I can't get my relief from the city."

The subdivision being impacted by the issue was built back in 2002, but both Perry and Race moved into the neighborhood last year. They've heard from others that water problems have plagued the neighborhood as far back as 2018. 

"I know there's been a lot of development in the area," Perry said. "I don't know what has changed, but what has changed is the water flows all day, everyday nonstop."

An Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District spokesperson issued a statement upon request, which read: 

"EVMWD has been actively involved in investigating the groundwater concerns reported by residents on Arron Ct. in Murrieta. We understand the frustration and distress that the residents are experiencing due to these issues. Since March 2023, we have responded promptly to every call and worked closely with the affected homeowners to investigate the issue.

Our response included thorough leak investigations, which confirmed that the water on these properties is not due to any leaks from EVMWD's water distribution system. Instead, the excessive water appears to stem from potential over-irrigation at a nearby private property and natural groundwater flows in the area. This has been confirmed through water quality testing, which indicates the water flowing on the affected properties does not originate from the public drinking water system.

We remain committed to collaborating with all stakeholders, including the City of Murrieta, to find a sustainable solution. We will continue to support the residents and work diligently to address their concerns throughout this process."

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