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Multiple Arrests Made, 25 Search Warrants Served Alleging Property/Luggage Theft At LAX

LOS ANGELES ( —  LAX Police confirm that multiple arrests have been made and more than 25 search warrants served in a large investigation targeting a sophisticated theft ring that operated at the airport.

Officials said a months-long investigation including undercover work revealed widespread thefts of property and luggage from people contracted at the airport to oversee luggage operations.

Authorities would only say Wednesday evening that a number of organizations were teamed in the investigation.

They described it as "A large theft ring."

KCAL9's Juan Fernandez reported from the command post in Westchester.

"As a result of the on-going investigation," said Michael Hyams, LAX Airport Police Asst. Chief, "tonight we are executing search warrants in 25 different locations in an attempt to recover[stolen] property and take suspects into custody."

The search warrants were served in 25 different locations including private homes, said officials.

The suspects are primarily workers contracted by the airport, the police said, not actual airline employees of LAX.

Due to the on-going investigation and because all the search warrants had not been fully served, Fernandez said officials did not want to give a specific number for the amount of arrests made but said they would likely give out that information in the morning.



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