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Muffin, Paralyzed Kitten, Gets To Go Home Following Corrective Surgery

LOS ANGELES (  —  Muffin, the rescue kitten who was paralyzed when a microchip was accidentally put into his spinal column, went home earlier this week following surgery.

The little kitten was able to go home just one day after he underwent surgery to reverse the procedure that caused his paralysis.

After our story about Muffin aired last weekend, enough money poured in that Muffin was able to have his corrective surgery at the City of Angels Vet Center.

There was enough money donated to also help with Muffin's rehabilitation costs.

Muffin's caretakers report he is already starting to gain more mobility in his movement.


Rescue Kitten Paralyzed By Botched Microchip Insertion May Get Second Chance With Surgery

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