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Mud, Muck, Debris -- Southland Cleans Up After Wild Storm

LOS ANGELES ( —  Everywhere you looked Saturday, you could find people sweeping, mopping, moving rocks and debris and trying to put things back to normal.

An early-winter storm moved in Friday and left a lot of mud, muck and debris in its wake.

The damage in some places was so bad, residents don't have homes to return to.

KCAL9's Erica Nochlin reported from South LA where a tornado even touched down Friday.

Yes, a tornado and no, we're not in Kansas anymore.

The National Weather Service confirmed we had the tornado and it was caught on camera, too.

The man filming the twister was just hoping to record the wild rain.

"That's crazy, never seen anything like this not in south LA," he said.

Work crews have since cleaned up the mess and cleared out the debris. A tree toppled on a home -- neither was a match for the more than 90 mph winds.

"They got to work and got it done," said the homeowner.

The strong winds caused another giant tree to crash onto a home in the West Hills area.

LA Fire officials had the area cordoned off because neighbors head crackling -- believing the tree fall was imminent.

Meanwhile, in Long Beach a second story balcony and nearby roof collapsed from the weight of the rain.

That heavy and widespread rain caused many road closures in Glendora.

The biggest cleanup job was perhaps in Camarillo Springs, about 50 miles northwest of Los Angeles.

Officials said mud and debris there was piled in many places 10 feet and more than a dozen homes were red tagged.

Crews spent the day clearing out drains knowing another storm is expected Monday.

Steve Shiraishi was just grateful his parents are safe and sound after having to be rescued.

"My mom can walk but she's blind and she has Alzheimer's so they had to guide her out and carry her out," Shiraishi said.

Nochlin spoke to several residents who said they wouldn't let this or any storm damper their Christmas spirit.

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