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Motorcyclist Nearly Killed In Crash Thanks Blood Donors Who Helped Save Him

WESTWOOD ( — A motorcyclist nearly killed in a crash had the rare opportunity to thank the blood donors who helped save his life.

Friday morning, Brandon Levine met and thanked students from Glendale High School and UCLA whose blood now runs inside his veins.

"I had no idea in like a million years it's even possible to meet the people that donated the blood," Levine told CBS2's Kaj Goldberg.

Levine has no memory of the crash from April.

When he woke up weeks later, he learned that a team of doctors brought him back to life after two cardiac arrests and numerous surgeries.

"I saw Brandon in the ICU. He was not responsive. He was ... looked like he had been in a pretty bad accident," said Annie Finck, a nurse.

To bring him back, doctors had to use 207 units of donated blood, plasma and platelets.

Levine's mother, Betsy, spent three months by his bedside, shedding tears.

For her, meeting his donors was a dream come true.

"It's just so important to thank these people one-by-one for what they've done. They saved my son's life," she said.

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