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Only On 2: Mother Makes Visible Plea To Drivers: 'Don't Text And Drive'

LARCHMONT ( — When Margot Grabie is driving with her kids in the car she's on the lookout for people who are texting and driving.

She's sending her own message behind the wheel, and it's plastered with washable marker on her rear windshield: "My kids ask you to not text and drive. :)"

"I thought to myself, why can't I make my car into a mobile billboard?" the mother told CBS2/KCAL9's Erica Nochlin. "I feel like everyone has the power to make change."

Grabie says plenty of drivers are putting their and other people's lives in jeopardy.

And she's started a trend: "I'm driving, I get thumbs up, I get honks, even people, as I'm parking at the grocery store, say, 'Do you have a marker?'"

Grabie's friend suggested she take the message to social media.

As word spread, more people started putting the message on their cars.

She soon got markers donated and began mailing them out across the country.

Grabie's Instagram account is filled with photos sent to her of other vehicles driving with the messages.

Now she's taking it a step further. She's developing an app for motorists - every time they touch their phone while driving, the app will bring up a picture of their family and activate a recorded voice. For example, "Mommy, I love you. Don't go on the phone while you're driving."

Grabie said, "If they see it, it will condition them to put their phone down."

She said her children inspire her to continue promoting the message: "I know the word is getting out."

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