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Most Of Trona Still Without Water Tuesday Following Quakes

TRONA (CBSLA) – Most of the small San Bernardino County town of Trona remained without water Tuesday as officials work to recover from last week's two massive earthquakes.

Trona has been reeling since being hit by two earthquakes in the span of 48 hours. A 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck on the morning of July 4th, followed by a 7.1 magnitude earthquake on the night of July 5th.  They were the two largest earthquakes to hit Southern California since 1999.

Trona earthquake
Chimene Jackson sleeps shortly after dawn outside her parents' home, which has been deemed uninhabitable due to structural damage from the recent 7.1 magnitude earthquake, on July 8, 2019 in Trona, California. Homeowners Benny and Anna Sue Eldridge, husband and wife, are currently sleeping outside the home with other family members on mattresses and in trucks for safety. Firefighters told them a stronger earthquake could cause the house to collapse. Anna Sue's father constructed the home with Benny's help in 1961. During the daytime they have been packing furniture, heirlooms and other items to place into storage as they try to decide where they will live next or if they will rebuild. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

The quakes left a majority of the town without water or natural gas service over the weekend. Pacific Gas & Electric restored gas service Monday afternoon, but water services remains out.

"We have no running water right now, we're waiting for them to fix the pipes so we can use our water," one man told CBS2 Monday.

The National Guard has been deployed to Trona to hand out cases of water to residents and pets.

Trona earthquake
A house is damaged after a 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck in the area on July 6, 2019 in Trona, California. The earthquake, which occurred July 5th, was the second large earthquake to hit the area in two days and the largest in Southern California in 20 years. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

"Probably 80 percent of the town doesn't have any running water," another man said.

Bottled water and food is being handed out at Trona High School. On Tuesday morning, portable showers were set up at the school. Bulk water was delivered to the school as well so that those with livestock could get water for their animals.

The Trona Library will serve as a cooling center through Thursday, with a portable restroom outside the library.

Shuttles are also available to transport Trona residents from the high school to the Kerr McGee Center in the nearby town of Ridgecrest, where a Red Cross shelter has been set up.

On Monday, President Donald Trump approved a federal emergency declaration for the earthquakes, which authorizes the Federal Emergency Management Agency to provide disaster relief in San Bernardino and Kern counties.

For the latest updates, San Bernardino Trona has established an earthquake recovery page here.

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