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Most Expensive Neighborhoods In Los Angeles

There is little argument that when it comes to expensive and high end neighborhoods with pricey land values and multi-million dollar homes, that Los Angeles and the cities within its County are at the top of the list. There are other cities, including New York City, Tokyo, London and a few others which also offer some of the priciest areas in the world, but Los Angeles is unique. From Brentwood to Bel Air, Beverly Hills and Holmby Hills, these are the most expensive neighbourhoods in Los Angeles.
$250M Mega Mansion For Sale In Bel Air
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Bel Air / Holmby Hills

Bel Air is easily one of Los Angeles' most expensive neighborhoods. With the going rates on homes well into the tens of millions, and some as high as $500 million, this posh area is situated north of Sunset Boulevard in the hills. While Bel Air is known to many, those really in the know are aware of the ultra-rich area of Holmby Hills, which is situated in Bel Air, but is an especially exclusive area. Famous homes in Holmby Hills include The Playboy Mansion, The Spelling Manor (sold in 2009 for $150 million), Warren Beatty & Annette Bening's home, and many more. Bel Air also features huge mansions with large properties that set the tone for high end real estate in the city. Bel Air has two entrances, one considered the "East Gate," and the other being the "West Gate." Generally, the "West Gate" homes are considered to be the largest. In 2000, the U.S. census counted that there were around 7,500 residents in this 6.37 square mile area of L.A.

beverly hills
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Beverly Hills

In 1906, Beverly Hills took root thanks to the Rodeo Land and Water Company. Named after Beverly Farms in Beverly, Massachusetts, the developers couldn't have known then what this area would become in years to come. Since that time, Beverly Hills developed into a city synonymous with wealth and fame. The famous zip code of 90210 offers median homes in the range of $1.6 million, but you can expect that most homes are well above that, especially as you get closer to the mountains. The famous Beverly Hills Hotel, as well as high end stores on Rodeo sit in the heart of Beverly Hills. Like Bel Air, there is an ultra-tony neighborhood which sits inside the Beverly Hills city limits called Beverly Park where the most affluent Beverly Hills residents live. Beverly Park is a gated community situated near Mulholland in Beverly Hills which boasts a huge concentration of large homes with famous residents. As early as the 1960's, Beverly Park was actually created as a golf course and country club named after Dean Martin. Famous residents have included TIm McGraw and Faith Hill, Magic Johnson, Eddie Murphy, Sumner Redstone, Barry Bonds and many others.

san vicente median YELP
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Considered one of the most affluent neighborhoods on the Westside of Los Angeles, Brentwood began its development in the 1880's and sits right next to Santa Monica. Generally, the Brentwood neighborhood is considered to be north of Montana Avenue and continues up into the mountains past San Vicente Boulevard. Homes here are valued in the millions, but the median home value is estimated at $523,600. But, good luck finding a home here for that much. The prices steadily increase as you go north from Montana Avenue and get even higher as you go north past Sunset Boulevard. Brentwood has been home to notable residents like Marilyn Monroe, OJ Simpson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, LeBron James, Tom Brady, Monika Lewinsky and many more. Whereas Beverly Hills, Bel Air, and some of the more notable areas of Los Angeles are well known for their huge homes and glitzy shopping nearby, Brentwood is a quieter area with huge mansions and a beachy laid back vibe.

santa monica beach malibu beach pacific ocean
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Head north on PCH and you'll hit the city of Malibu, one of the more famous and priciest neighborhoods in Los Angeles County. Arguably the second most well known area of the city to live in after Bel Air and Beverly Hills, Malibu is known for its beachfront homes which demand huge rates into the tens of millions. Like other cities in Los Angeles, Malibu has some exclusive enclaves like the Malibu Colony which is often called the original Malibu. Another is Broad Beach, which is one of Malibu's most exclusive and sought after areas. El Matador Beach, La Costa Beach, Malibu Cove, as well as the Carbon Beach are other ultra-exclusive areas. In fact, Carbon Beach is often known as Billionaire Beach as it's home to many multi-millionaire business owners and leaders, as well as entertainment figures.

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Hidden Hills

Hidden Hills is a luxurious and wealthy city situated north in Los Angeles County. This gated community is known for its more laid back way of life with many of the mansions resembling farm houses or ranches in style. Attracting affluent celebrities due to it being away from the city lights, it is more secluded than areas like Beverly Hills, and homes here have a median price of over $3 million.

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