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More than 100 Granada Hills bunnies in dire need of foster homes

A nonprofit is asking for help finding temporary homes for more than 100 bunnies confiscated from a Granada Hills homeowner. 

The Bunny Foundation, which partnered with the Los Angeles Animal Services, said the animals had been suffering in the cold and wet weather for the past nine months. 

 "These vulnerable poor souls have been ravaged, dismembered and feasted on by predators, as well as outdoor cats eating the babies plus the bunnies themselves causing each other grave harm and death as hormonal males attack each other in territorial rages," the nonprofit wrote on Facebook.

The nonprofit claimed the owner never spayed or neutered the initial two bunnies they drought over. Soon, the rabbits multiplied and the population grew exponentially. The owners then disappeared leaving the animals to fend for themselves.

"We're working tightly with LAAS toward veterinary solutions for sick & injured bunnies and emergency spay for the large number of females, as well as medical care and future spay/neuter for numerous babies," the nonprofit wrote. 

The nonprofit added that there is a desperate need for foster homes for the bunnies. 

if you would like to help email with the subject line "I WILL FOSTER A HOARDING SURVIVOR."

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