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More Drama, A Bloody Nose And Another Brawl At Donald Trump's Walk Of Fame Star

HOLLYWOOD (CBSLA)  --  President Donald Trump brings out those feelings in people -- they love him or they hate him.

And his fans and his ... well, not fans have been clashing more and more at places like the former "Celebrity Apprentice" star's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

CBS2's Greg Mills was at the location when another brawl broke out Sunday evening.

LAPD tried to keep the pro-Trump forces away from the anti-Trump group.

Mills was there when one vocal Trump detractor in a burgundy shirt ended up being wrestled to the ground by police.

That man was arrested, Mills reported.

It's the second big fight at the location in four days.

There has been fighting, screaming matches, pushing and shoving, acts of vandalism, men dressed as Russian cops "protecting" the star  -- comedian George Lopez even pretended to urinate on the star using a water bottle.

It would be an understatement to say tensions around the star have increased.

Videos of two different men destroying the star weeks apart have also made the rounds. The first vandal vowing to raise money for the second.

On Sunday, there was a man in a Make America Great Again hat speaking into a megaphone.

A group of pro-Trump supporters said the man was not with them as he shouted, "We got America great again'" and other pro-Trump slogans.

His red MAGA had seemed to be a target from some in the anti-Trump crowd.

trump star destroyed again
(credit: CBS)

"[This guy] came up and said he was going to pull his hat off, and I was like [makes a negative sounding noise]  went up and pulled the Make America Great Again hat off and after that everything just went crazy. They started fighting," said one woman.

"The kid's father came and said hey that's my son. Don't be going after my son.  Got upi n his face. Starts pushing him. Then the guy with the megaphone head-butted him," said Louie Martinez.

The man ended up with a cut on his nose and it was clearly bleeding.

Mills was told the guy in the purple shirt was that man's son, but he couldn't confirm that.

But after he charged police, trying to protect his father, they took the younger man down and arrested him.

Police told Mills they are looking for one more suspect but it was unclear if that was the dad.


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