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Montclair To Require City Employees To Wear Vaccine Stickers To Work Without Masks

MONTCLAIR (CBSLA) — The city of Montclair will soon require employees to wear stickers showing they have been vaccinated if they want to work without wearing a face covering.

Montclair Vaccine Sticker
Starting Monday, Montclair city employees who want to work without a mask will have to wear a sticker like this on their ID badges showing they have been vaccinated. (CBSLA)

"I'm all for people making an independent decision," Councilman Ben Lopez said. "What I'm opposed to is a public declaration of that status on any item of clothing, ID, whatever it is."

During a recent City Council meeting, City Manager Edward Starr said Cal/OSHA requires workplaces to document proof of an employee's vaccination status if they want to work maskless.

"The city is, in fact, following Cal/OSHA guidance, or directives," Starr said.

He also noted that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends workplaces provide stickers for employees to wear after vaccination and even has printable stickers on its website.

"I just want to not that I do have a sticker on my ID card, because I want to set the example for our employees," Mayor Javier "John" Dutrey said during that council meeting, holding his ID up for the audience to see.

But Lopez said he was worried about the division the stickers might create in the workplace.

"Employees will feel uncomfortable about associating with another," he said. "You're gonna have this level of ostracism."

However, Starr said that was already happening without use of the stickers and that employees have complained about unvaccinated coworkers refusing to wear masks.

"A number of complaints have been filed with Cal/OSHA, and the city can expect to be under investigation," he said during the council meeting.

But Lopez said he did not believe that.

"I have not heard one employee say they are afraid to come to work because of their co-workers vaccination status," he said.

The policy is set to take effect Monday.

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