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Monolith Pops Up In Canyon Country Off Highway 14

CANYON COUNTRY (CBSLA) — One of those mysterious silver monoliths has popped up in Canyon Country, drawing gawkers eager to take pictures with the structure.

Silver monoliths that have popped up in Utah, Romania and San Luis Obispo have captivated social media, fueling speculation about alien visitors or guerrilla artists.

The Canyon Country monolith appeared over the weekend near a Canyon Country park near the Sierra Highway exit on Highway 14. Several people made the hike up to the structure to check it out and snap pictures with it.

canyon country monolith
(credit: CBS)

The latest monolith did not resemble the ones that popped up in the Utah desert, in a Romanian field, or at the top of a San Luis Obispo trail in recent weeks. The Canyon Country structure looked as if it was a single sheet of metal folded over to form a triangle. The previous monoliths looked like solid metal, triangular columns with differences in their surfaces.

And unlike the earlier monoliths, someone is taking responsibility for this one.

"It's kinda like for fun, because they've been popping up all over the place, so I had that scrap plastic and then we just came up with the idea," the man behind the project said. "I got off work on Saturday, we came over here, put it together and put it up. Came over last night and put up the solar light but didn't realize how crazy it was gonna be."

The other monoliths have disappeared after just a few days of becoming famous on social media, but since this monolith's creator admitted to putting it up, it may stand a little longer than its predecessors.

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