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Mom: Naked, Bloodied Teen Has Schizophrenia, Was On Drugs

SAN BERNARDINO ( — The mother of a naked and bloodied 19-year-old man accused of accosting drivers in Victorville spoke out Tuesday about the incident.

"I heard people on the news saying, 'Something was wrong. He looked like Frankenstein, like he wasn't there.' And he wasn't," said the woman identified only as Denise.

Denise's son, Daniel Anglin, is suspected of trying to get inside vehicles of parents who were trying to drop off their kids at a Victorville bus stop.

The teen was captured on disturbing cellphone video by witnesses who said he was completely incoherent as parents tried to fend him off.

Denise said her son has been diagnosed with serious medical issues.

"I'm not here to make excuses for anything that was seen. I just want people to know that my son is mentally disabled. People need to know that he wasn't just out there terrorizing the city of Victorville. He didn't even know where he was at," she said.

But while battling bipolar disorder and Schizophrenia, Anglin's mother acknowledges her son is also fighting drug addiction. She admits that he was on methamphetamine during Monday's incident.

Denise says her son is getting professional help, but sometimes doesn't take his medication and turns to drugs.

"He's been on medication for a few months. But like all teens, they feel like after a month and a half or whatever, he felt like, 'OK, I'm OK now. I don't need it anymore,' " she said.

Denise says she has seen the video and it breaks her heart.

"He's my baby. I have five children. He's my baby. It was hard for me to see that," she said.

The teen was arrested on suspicion of several charges, including carjacking and burglary.

Denise says this was Anglin's first run-in with the law and hopes her son is shown mercy.

"He's really, really sorry for what he did and he's willing to apologize," she said.

Anglin has been released from the hospital and is at an undisclosed location recovering.

Police used their batons to subdue him during Monday's incident, but Denise says her son doesn't remember being hit.

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