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For Savvy Parenting Advice, Follow These LA Mom Bloggers

Lifestyle During Pregnancy
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One of the key elements in being a successful parent is being informed. Lucky for us, Los Angeles has several online moms who can help you find what you need.

(credit: Jen Levinson)

Jen Levinson

Jen's List
According to many LA parents, their morning isn't complete without reading Jen Levinson's daily "Jen's List" e-mail. A typical e-mail might have entries such as info about a parenting class, easy recipes for kids, a link to a site about allergies, a discount code for a local moving company, alerts for soccer sign ups and places to go apple picking. Jen receives hundreds of submissions each week and creates each Jen's List herself. She handles her list while she is also busy handling her five elementary-aged sons, including two sets of twins. Ask Jen for a suggestion about anything in LA and she will have a recommendation or she will know who to ask. Jen's Lists are also available on her website along with a section for nanny leads and her family activities calendar.

linda perry
(credit: Linda Perry)

Linda Perry

Linda Perry was a new mom in a Mommy & Me class with her baby daughter. She started e-mailing the other moms in the group sharing "new mom" info she found. Fifteen years and 14,000 members (known as "Peachheaders") later, Peachhead has become the major resource for families in Los Angeles. The main information exchange takes place on the Peachhead Yahoo Group. The wealth of information sharing that goes on in the group is priceless. Parents with children of all ages post and comment on topics such as navigating the public school admission lotteries, pediatrician recommendations, date night ideas, where to go trick-or-treating or where to buy a suit for a 3 year old. Many an LA mom has been heard to say, "Peachhead saved me!" To quote Linda, "Some say it takes a village to raise a child, but I say all it takes is Peachhead!"

Leah Segedie
(credit: Leah Segedie)

Leah Segedie

Healthy living is almost synonymous with Los Angeles. Leah Segedie believes in teaching moms how to be healthy because moms will in turn teach their families to be healthy. The site includes the expected recipes and exercise info as well as Leah's personal story of losing more than 100 pounds after her pregnancies. There is so much health information and news floating around, it's enough to make busy parents give up before they start. Have you been wondering about GMOs? Are free-range chicken eggs worth the extra cost? How to understand the latest health-related ballot initiative? Leah simplifies the chaos by telling you just what you need to know.

alexandra anderson
(credit: Alexandra Anderson)

Alexandra Anderson

Beverly Hills Mom
Even moms outside of Beverly Hills love to follow the Beverly Hills Mom, Alexandra Anderson. Following the adventures of this transplant from Mississippi keeping it real in Beverly Hills is informative and entertaining. Known for her "photo heavy" posts, there is always a lot to see. She is a local expert on schools, Beverly Hills politics, restaurants and all things kids. As a bonus, she is also an interior designer with a lot of info to share about that topic.

Tracy Bobbitt
(credit: Tracy Bobbitt)

Tracy Bobbitt

Hollywood Mom Blog
The Hollywood Mom Blog tagline is "managing motherhood, marriage, business and blogging between the kids' auditions." An invaluable resource to parents of child actors, the site is a hub of all things related to kids and the industry. Tracy also runs three Facebook groups as forums for The Hollywood Mom Blog. The mother of a child actress, Tracy is passionate about advocacy for children in the industry and sits on the advisory committee for the Actor's Fund Looking Ahead Program. She has appeared on TV talk shows and news programs on the topic of child actors.

Elizabeth Peterson is a mom who would like to thank the "LA Moms in the Know" for making her life easier. She can be found over on her personal blog Traded My BMW for a Minivan.
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