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Relatives Of Missing South Pasadena Boy Believe He's Alive

SOUTH PASADENA ( — Two relatives of a missing 5-year-old South Pasadena boy said they believed he is alive.

The aunt and uncle of Aramazd Andressian Sr., the boy's father, said he stayed with them after he was released from jail.

"He was released the first day. He stayed here for about three or four days," the uncle told CBS2's Tom Wait.

When asked what they thought about what happened to the missing child, Araramazd Andressian Jr., the uncle said: "He [boy's father] doesn't remember. He doesn't know. We don't know. We are just praying for his safe return. That's all."

When asked if he believed his nephew, the uncle said: "I have no reason not to believe him."

The aunt said she also believed Andressian Sr. and suspected someone may have kidnapped the boy.

The uncle said Andressian Sr. didn't want to talk about his son's disappearance.

When Wait asked the couple if they thought someone had kidnapped junior, the aunt said she thought so; the uncle said: "He just doesn't talk about it. He gets upset. He's worried."

The boy was reported missing on April 22, the same day Andressian Sr. was found passed out at Arroyo Seco Park in South Pasadena, and his car was doused with gasoline.

Investigators said he was under the influence of prescription drugs that were not his. His son was supposed to go home with his mother that day he disappeared.

Senior was arrested and held on $10 million bail but was released three days later due to lack of evidence, according to court documents.

When asked if they thought their nephew was responsible for his son's disappearance, the uncle said: "We don't know what to really figure out."

He said he believed the boy is alive.

A credible tip prompted deputies and volunteers to search Arroyo Seco Park for the boy Thursday but came up empty.

A $20,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the boy.

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