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Miracle Dog Who Survived Death Chamber In Alabama To Star In Rose Parade

PASADENA ( — In Hollywood, they say you can be an unknown one minute and a big star the next.

A 20-pound beagle named Daniel well knows the extremes of life.

A few weeks ago, he was gassed with a group of nearly 20 other dogs in Florence, Alabama at an Animal Control shelter who could no longer care for him.

When the attendant came to clear out the chamber, Daniel walked out -- his tail wagging.

Kaj Goldberg met 2-year-old Daniel Friday as finishing touches were being put on a Rose Parade float that will celebrate pet rescues.

Daniel survived his gas chamber ordeal and has since been rescued by Eleventh Hour Rescue, a group that rescues hard to adopt pets and saves all animals from death row.

"The amazing thing about Daniel," says new owner Joe Dwyer, "is his demeanor. He is one of the most friendly, affable dogs. He just loves life."

But how did Daniel survive being gassed with carbon monoxide along with the other dogs?

"He probably had shallow breathing, he was probably up high," explains veterinarian Karen Halligan, "and that and a combination of a miracle is how he survived."

The float is being sponsored by the Lucky Pet Foundation. Daniel will be the featured star of the float.


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