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High-Rise Condo Complex Suddenly Collapses

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. (CBS Miami/CBSLA) — One person was hurt when a building collapsed in Florida's Miami Beach just after 10 a.m. Monday morning.

The former Marlborough House Condominium, a 13-story building, was in the process of being demolished when it suddenly came tumbling down.

A construction worker, identified as Samuel Landis, 42, was struck by a boulder and was transported to a nearby hospital, where he is listed in critical condition.

"The building was falling, I could see smoke coming towards us and a boulder the size of the front end of a car flew across the street. The boulder hit him in the center of the chest and threw him five feet," said neighbor Rodolfo Pages.

"It's truly fortunate no one else was hurt," he added.

Video from a nearby construction company captured the collapse of the building.

Miami Beach High-Rise Suddenly Collapses

WATCH: A high-rise condo complex in Miami Beach, FL suddenly collapses, surprising construction workers who were in the process of slowly demolishing the building. One worker was injured by a large chunk of debris.

Posted by CBS Los Angeles on Monday, July 23, 2018

Pages said residents were warned to watch out.

"The only time they said something to us was when they said put something over your nose to avoid debris and smoke," Pages said. "The building collapsed towards Collins Avenue and debris started flying towards us."

"I was scared. I saw people running and covering their faces," Urrutia said.

"This was scary. This was scary. This was not normal. You don't see this every day," she added.

Dozens of police officers and firefighter paramedics rushed to the scene and sealed off all traffic for blocks, fearing the situation could be much worse.

A police search dog scoured the debris for signs of life or other victims but did not find any.

"The construction company did a roll call and found that everyone was accounted for," said Chief Virgil Fernandez of Miami Beach Fire Rescue.

The company had a permit for the demolition but did not have a permit for an implosion, according to the Miami Beach police.

Ana Salgueiro, director of the city's building department, said they had tried to ask for a permit to be imploded and they were denied. They had a standard demolition permit.

The demolition was scheduled to begin Monday as they dismantled the building piece by piece.

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