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Menifee, Chino among top 10 "boomtowns" in America

Menifee, Chino ranked amongst nation's top 10 fastest-growing "boomtowns"
Menifee, Chino ranked amongst nation's top 10 fastest-growing "boomtowns" 02:45

Menifee and Chino have found themselves amongst America's fastest-growing cities, named two of the Top 10 "Boomtowns" in America in a new report. 

According to a study conducted by, Menifee (No. 7) and Chino (No. 10), are amongst the "U.S. cities that have managed to grow in recent years" despite recent struggles facing much of the nation.

The study took a look at "data for 494 of the largest cities across topics measuring growth of the population, income, GDP, businesses, housing and changes in unemployment."

In Menifee, the data showed an average yearly GDP growth of 1.29% and a five-year population growth of 20.21%. For Chino, metrics showed a 5.94% five-year population growth and a 1.7% average yearly GDP growth.

To Chino Mayor Eunice Ulloa, this news is far from surprising. 

"We're very unique," she said. "Chino is a very unique community and I think we're probably the best undiscovered gem in California, which is cool!"

She attributes the growth to an influx of new shopping plazas, housing developments and industrial parks. 

"In-N-Out is relocating its major warehouse facility from Baldwin Park to Chino, which is gigantic," Ulloa said. "We have a brand new FedEx facility and between the two, they're adding almost a thousand jobs."

The study confirms Ulloa's statement, detailing that Chino has seen an increase in the number of housing units by almost 30%, to 27,283, while the median household income has also increased — by roughly 42% to $97,473.

"It's amazing, especially when you hear of the recession, people struggling. It really is amazing," she said.

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Houses under construction at a KB Home development in Menifee, California, US, on Wednesday, Nov. 1, 2022. Some 200 homes under construction in California come with solar panels, heat pumps and batteries, forming microgrids that cut energy costs and emissions. Photographer: Kyle Grillot/Bloomberg via Getty Images Bloomberg

Sitting a few spots higher on the list, Menifee has also seen a remarkable rate of population growth since 2016, with nearly 106,400 residents moving into the area. Home availability also saw a 20% increase in the same five-year period.

The change is quite noticeable for those who lived in the once-barren area prior to the period of development. 

"I moved here in 2013. It was a 7-Eleven on the corner and a tumbleweed," said Alaysia Peters. "Now, there's a lot of infrastructure."

During that time span, household incomes also soared by 42%. 

Residents say that the housing is much more comfortable than some other well-known metropolitans as well. 

"The houses here are way bigger than anything towards L.A. for sure, and they're nice and new," says Sharon, another Menifee native.

The growth doesn't stop at houses, as the up-and-coming city, officially incorporated in 2008, is receiving a wealth of businesses, including a new Super Target, a mall and "the biggest screen movie theater in California," according to resident Gwyn McNulty. 

SmartAsset's Susannah Snider, who works as a Managing Editor for Financial Education, explained just what it means to live in a boomtown. 

"If you think about it, over five years having household incomes grow that amount, that's really impactful," she said. "For someone living in a boomtown, it shows you you're in a place that's really booming — it's growing, there's population growth, there's business growth, low unemployment"

The study on SmartAsset ranked just two of the Top 10 east of Texas, with the top spot going to Nampa, Idaho.

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