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Melrose Action Raises $28k For Camera Operation After Recent Rash Of Robberies

FAIRFAX DISTRICT (CBSLA) — Residents and retailers are scrambling to find ways to help police and find a way to end the recent rash of robberies across Los Angeles.

"There needs to be consequences for the behavior," said California Retail Association president Rachel Michelin. "There needs to be prosecution for people who do this behavior.  But we need to figure out how we can do that most effectively." 

The problem has become such an issue that law enforcement agencies needed to issue a tactical alert to all units. Police have also increased patrols in areas such as Melrose and Fairfax where follow-home robbers have robbed people at gunpoint and smash-and-grab crews have broken into a Nordstrom.

Some organizations such as Melrose Action, hope to help authorities track down suspects. 

"Instituting Advanced License Plate Recognition Camera Program up in the Melrose District in anonymous locations to try to help our law enforcement partners capture some of these bad actors," said Melrose Action co-founder Peter Nichols. 

According to Melrose Action, the cameras they hope to install are similar to the ones found at stores and malls. 

"They operate completely independently, they're autonomous," said Nichols. "They don't involve witnesses."

So far, the group has raised $28,000 for the camera operation and said it will begin installing cameras next week.

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