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Meat Could Be Next To Get Hit With 'Sin Tax'

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Meat could be the next food to get hit by a so-called "sin tax".

With population growth driving up demand for meat, and environmental factors caused by meat production becoming more of a concern, governments could start looking at taxing meat products to help mitigate these challenges, according to the Farm Animal Investment Risk & Return group.

Sin taxes are already imposed on tobacco in 180 countries, and on sugar in 25.

The group also says taxes on meat are already on the agenda in Denmark, Sweden and Germany.

According to FAIRR, meat consumption is linked to greenhouse gas emissions that exceed emissions standards because of transportation, an increase in obesity across the globe and higher risks of type 2 diabetes and cancer, increasing levels of antibiotic resistance, threats to global food security and water availability, and soil degradation and deforestation.

The investor network says meat taxation is not an immediate risk, but that long-term investors should take note of the arguments being made for such a tax, especially in Denmark and Sweden.

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