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Mayor Karen Bass announces additional senior staff

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Three new members of Mayor Karen Bass' senior staff were appointed Friday, who will oversee the intergovernmental affairs, city budget and legislative affairs.

Bass announced the appointment of a deputy mayor and two directors, stating Joey Freeman, Bernyce Hollins and Krista Kline demonstrate continued dedication to ensuring her administration's commitment to innovative and experienced staff who will lead the city forward.

Freeman currently serves as director of policy and budget initiatives for the mayor's transition, where he has focused on developing the mayor's budget proposal. He will now serve as deputy mayor of intergovernmental affairs with responsibility of advancing the mayor's agenda at the county, regional, state and federal levels of government.

Prior to his employment with Bass, he worked as the chief deputy legislative affairs secretary for Gov. Gavin Newsom, where he served as senior staff to the governor and helped lead negotiations with state legislature on key issues such as reopening public school during the COVID-19 pandemic, mandating the state's first all-mail election and passing resources to address homelessness.

Hollins brings her experience working in the public sector with a city career that spans more than 20 years. She was appointed as senior director of city budget, and she will be responsible for the development of the mayor's annual budget and financial policies.

She previously served as one of the city's equity officers and received a City Council resolution in 2018 for her career performance and long- standing service to at-risk youth and unhoused individuals.

Kline will serve as the director of legislative affairs, where she will be responsible for advancing the mayor's policy agenda with the City Council, as well as overseeing relationships with council offices. She previously served Council District 11 in several roles including chief of staff, planning deputy for Council District 14 and design coordinator for former-Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

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