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Maxine Waters Says Her Greatest Desire Is To Lead Trump 'Right Into Impeachment'

LOS ANGELES (  —  Congresswoman  Maxine Waters said Friday that her greatest desire is to see President Trump impeached.

Her remarks came on the live/on demand news network Cheddar.

When asked what the American people can expect from Trump for the next four years, the outspoken congresswoman said, "Well, I hope he's not there for four years."

She added, "I hope that this man and who he is, what he's done and the way he's defined himself and the way he's acting, I am hoping that we're able to reveal all of this and my greatest desire is to lead him right into impeachment."

She also explained why she had no interest in attending Trump's inauguration.  At least 45 Democrats did not attend.

"...I'm not welcoming him, I won't rejoice in him being the president. I don't honor him. And so, I did not go to that Inauguration. Never intended to it."

Waters also said she found the question whether she  and the Democrats could work with Trump was rather moot.

"And this business about working with him? Of course they [Republicans] have control of the house, the senate and the White House. Do they want to work with other people? Or do they just want to ramrod their public policy and their bills and their thoughts right past all of us because they've got the numbers? Or do they want to work with us? I think it's on them."

Water also called on Trump to be impeached days before he took office. She is one of many Democrats who have said Trump is "not legitimate."

She recently joined protesters demonstrating against the travel ban.

Waters reportedly told TMZ, ""People are not gonna take this new president who thinks he's a dictator. And doing these executive orders, and basically having a travel ban that is unconstitutional."


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