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Mass shooting outside Indianapolis mall leaves 7 injured, all children and teens, police say

Seven minors were hospitalized with injuries late Saturday night after a mass shooting broke out in downtown Indianapolis, police said. 

The children and teenagers, who were between the ages of 12 and 17 years old, each sustained gunshot wounds in the shooting, which happened just after 11 p.m. local time outside of the city's Circle Centre Mall. CBS affiliate WTTV shared images from the scene.

No suspects have been arrested, but investigators believe more than one weapon was used to carry out the shooting, according to the Indianapolis Metro Police Department. A police report filed after the incident identified four boys and three girls as victims, all of whom were stable when Indianapolis Deputy Police Chief Tanya Terry gave preliminary details about the incident at a briefing early Sunday morning. 

Police said they initially responded after patrol officers in the downtown area heard several shots being fired nearby. They found six minors, among a larger group of kids, suffering from injuries consistent with gunshot wounds. An emergency medical services crew transported all of them to a hospital for treatment. One of the victims' conditions was critical at the time of transport, but the classification was updated and that person is now stable. The other five victims were stable when they were transported.

A seventh victim, who police determined had been shot during the same downtown incident, was treated as a walk-in at a different hospital. That person's condition was listed as stable too, according to Indianapolis police.

The shooting came as Indianapolis continues to grapple with a steady rise in gun violence. A report by the Indianapolis Star last year found that homicides in the city, which were largely committed using firearms, had increased by 85% over the previous decade and a half.

Terry touched on that during Sunday's briefing.

"Once again, we have a situation in which young people are resolving conflict with firearms, and it has to stop," said the deputy police chief. Terry noted that the department has already put resources toward efforts "to address these juvenile crowds before they get started" and will continue to do that with the hopes of "preventing this kind of crime."

The deputy chief also called on parents for help.

"We would ask for our parents to get involved in what their children are out doing, especially at these hours of the evening," said Terry. "This was 11:30 at night, the evening right before Sunday, Easter. So if you don't know where your 12-year-old is, I think that should be a priority for you."

An investigation into the shooting is ongoing. Police requested that anyone with information contact Detective Albert Teaters at the department's homicide office.

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