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Sources: Angelucci Killing Connected To Shooting At Federal Judge's New Jersey Home

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — CBS News reported Tuesday that the killing of a San Bernardino County attorney and the shooting at a federal judge's home in New Jersey are connected.

Marc Angelucci
Attorney Marc Angelucci was shot and killed July 11 at his Crestline home, according to the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department. Law enforcement sources Tuesday said the killing was connected to the Sunday shooting at a judge's home in New Jersey. (Credit: Marc Angelucci/Facebook)

"It was just so surreal, because we were just in court together," Ronda Kennedy, an attorney, said.

Kennedy, who worked closely with attorney Marc Angelucci, said his death was a great loss.

"I tell you, the legal community has a loss," she said. "He was just a brilliant attorney. I tried to get him to run for judgeship, but he didn't want to do it."

Law enforcement has not officially named a suspect in the July 11 shooting, but sources with knowledge of the case told CBS News that 72-year-old Roy Den Hollander, suspected in the shooting at U.S. District Judge Esther Salas's New Jersey home, was also suspected in Angelucci's shooting death at his Crestline home.

Den Hollander and Angelucci were both, at one time, members of the National Coalition For Men and filed a number of lawsuits challenging women's rights.

"I'm going to fight the feminists until my last dollar, my last breath," Den Hollander said on an episode of Comedy Central's "Colbert Report" in 2011. "And if there's anything after death, I will fight them for eternity."

Den Hollander talks about a case he took all the way to the Supreme Court suing New York City nightclubs for charging men more than women for admission.

"The Supreme Court said, basically, 'Get lost,'" Den Hollander said on the show.

And, in an in-depth look at the attorney, The Atlantic reported that Den Hollander was a Trump volunteer and previously wrote about Salas, who heard one of his cases back in 2019.

Den Hollander wrote that he did not mind women judges who were middle-aged or older Black women, but, "Latinas, however, were usually a problem — driven by an inferiority complex."

He also repeatedly threatens feminists, writing that they "should be careful in their meddling with nature. There are 300 million firearms in the country, and most of them are owned by guys."

And while it's not clear what could have possibly motivated Den Hollander to target Angelucci, Kennedy said Angelucci was more successful.

"I never thought that one would kill another one," she said. "But, yeah, Marc was successful in areas that this other attorney wasn't."

And late Tuesday night, The Daily Beast reported that Den Hollander was furious with Salas after she reportedly took too long to rule on one of his cases – a case that was then transferred to another district and assigned to Angelucci, who then won one of the greatest victories the men's rights group ever had.

Angelucci was not named in Den Hollanders writings, but law enforcement sources have said there were papers mentioning the Southern California lawyer in or around the car where Den Hollander's body was found Monday.

Also on Monday, law enforcement sources confirmed the Angelucci case had been transferred to the New Jersey FBI office.

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