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Man Who Was Shot Alongside Nipsey Hussle Released From Jail

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) --  A man who was shot alongside rapper Nipsey Hussle last month was released from jail Saturday morning after being arrested for breaking parole because he was with the slain rapper at the time he was fatally shot.

Kerry Lathan, 56, was one of two men wounded with Hussle when the rap star was gunned down outside his Hyde Park clothing store on March 31.

Because Lathan was on parole at the time of the shooting and Hussle was a former gang member, Lathan was technically in violation of his parole agreement to not be around felons or known gang members.

Hussle was known to be affiliated with a South LA gang long before he turned his life around.

Because of the technicality in the law, the Department of Corrections arrested Lathan who, ironically, went to the store to get help from Hussle as Lathan was also looking to get a fresh start in life.

After his arrest, Lathan's family pleaded with Governor Newsom and the Corrections Department for Lathan's release.

CBSLA's Jeff Nguyen spoke to Lathan's attorney who said a Secretary of the Department of Corrections got his arrest dismissed in court.

Complicating Lathan's release, he suffered a gunshot wound to the back when Hussle was fatally gunned down and was being held in the hospital area of the jail while he received medical care.

According to Lathan's attorney, his release date from jail was supposed to be some time Friday.

His lawyer said Lathan could have been released in the middle of the night.

The release was reportedly prolonged due to Lathan's gunshot wound that could have been a liability if he didn't receive proper medical care.

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