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Armed Teen Shot By Police After Crashing Outside San Bernardino Home

SAN BERNARDINO (CBSLA) – A teen gang member brandishing a semi-automatic handgun was shot and wounded by police officers Thursday night after crashing his car outside a home in a San Bernardino neighborhood, authorities said.

The shooting occurred at around 10 p.m. in the 1100 block of North L Street. The suspect, identified as Jorge Pelayo, is expected to survive, San Bernardino police report.

Pelayo has a history of arrests and is gang-affiliated, police said.

The incident began as a verbal dispute between Pelayo and his girlfriend outside her residence, police disclosed. When she wouldn't let him inside, he got into his car, drove north on L Street, and slammed into another parked car.

Neighbors called 911, telling dispatchers that Pelayo appeared to be "dusting," which involves inhaling aerosol canisters containing compressed gas, police said.

When witnesses told Pelayo that officers were on their way, he got into his car and tried to drive away, police said. One of the neighbors then seized Pelayo's car keys from him and went inside his own home to wait for police.

That action, police said, prompted Pelayo to approach the neighbor's home, armed with a gun, and bang on the front door. He told the neighbor to come out and help him find his keys. The neighbor, afraid for his family, obliged.

When the first two officers arrived on scene, Pelayo was in his car. He then exited the vehicle and began to walk away, dropping two aerosol canisters in the process.

Police said he then reached under his shirt, pulled out the gun, and turned towards the officers, who fired on him.

Pelayo was rushed to a hospital with gunshot wounds. He is in serious condition and is expected to survive, police said.

It's unclear what charges Pelayo will face or who owns the gun that he was carrying.

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