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Man Pinned In Hit-And-Run Crash In Fairfax District Might Lose His Legs

FAIRFAX DISTRICT (CBSLA) — A man was pinned between two cars after a driver slammed into him before fleeing the scene.

Prior to the crash, the victim was trying to remove an item from his trunk, and was standing behind his vehicle when he was struck.

The man was pinned on Beverly Boulevard,  at Spaulding Avenue, in the Fairfax district.

The man was struck just before midnight. He was rushed to the hospital with severe injuries to his lower extremities. Doctors Sunday were working to save both of his legs.

Authorities told CBS2/KCAL9's Joy Benedict the man is likely going to be permanently disfigured and disabled because of the accident.

"It would appear he lost both his legs," said eyewitness Mark Graydon. He was driving by at the time of the accident. "It looked like there was a flood. And it was all blood. It was terrible."

Witnesses said the driver put his car in reverse and fled. "You runaway and leave the guy for dead, because you made a mistake," says Graydon, "is disgusting."

About about a mile away from the original scene, investigators located the suspect's vehicle, a Kia, the lights still on. The front end had serious damage. The Kia was left in the middle of the intersection, motor running - and as if to illustrate how horrific the crash was, the driver's air bag had blood on it.

"And he still had blood on his face this morning," Graydon said of his neighbor. who was taken into custody. "To have a neighbor that could do such a thing like that, I hope he rots for a really, really long time."


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