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Man On Horseback Helps Woman Get Her Purse Back After Thief Runs Off

NORTHRIDGE ( — A woman shopping in Northridge was surprised when a man ran past her and swiped her handbag.

But she was in for more of a surprise when a man on horseback, no less, saw what happened and chased the thief.

A man on a steed doing a great deed. Like something out of a Hollywood movie.

The incident took place Friday evening at the busy Fashion Center Mall.

KCAL9's Jennifer Kastner reported from the scene where the hero on horseback came to a shopper's aid.

Even 24 hours later, customers had trouble believing the Hollywood-ized story.

"Did this really happen?," said shopper Natalie Rivera.

According to the LAPD, yes.

It was in the parking structure at the mall when the woman said she was walking back to her car when suddenly her purse was ripped from her clutches.

Police said at the same time, a man was riding his horse on a busy street adjacent to the parking structure.He apparently heard the woman screaming that her purse had just been stolen.

Police told Kastner the horseman chased the suspect around the mall and finally cornered him.

He then returned the purse to its rightful owner in front of a Sears store.

Shoppers are eager to find out who the mystery man is.

"If you're taken, she's very lucky," quipped Rivera, "but if you're not ... call me!"

Kastner also spoke to single Rosie Felix and asked if she's like to meet the hero.

"Oh, my goodness, he has a horse and he saved someone's purse? Yeah," she quipped.

Mike Stoner also got the hero's appeal and totally understood why he did it.

"It probably gives you a little protection if you're on a horse, You've got a little more gusto there to go after somebody."

Police said the thief ultimately got away but nothing was missing from the purse.

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