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Man, 79, Beaten After Accidentally Bumping Into Car In Grocery Store Parking Lot

APPLE VALLEY ( — A 79-year-old man was attacked when he accidentally bumped into a car in a grocery store parking lot in Apple Valley.

The incident happened Sunday at a Stater Bros. on Bear Valley Road.

According to sheriff's officials, Alfred McOsker was unloading his groceries into his car when his leg touched a newer Hyundai parked next to him.

The car's owner accused McOsker of scratching his vehicle and then punched the older man repeatedly in the face.

The victim's daughter, Alison Rennie, said the suspect caused her father to fall and hit his head.

"His face is pretty scratched up and his pride is pretty marred, as well. He ended up with two black eyes and he lost a tooth," she said.

Store employee Cris Zulueta was the person who called 911.

"He had blood coming out of both nostrils and it was covered down his face, dripping on the floor everywhere," he said. "It was unbelievable that somebody would hit a 79-year-old man. Where is the respect in the world for people like that?"

The suspect, who left before deputies got to the scene, was described as in his 20s, 6 feet tall and 200 pounds.

"To have [my father] knocked out by someone else a lot younger than him, I think he's pretty humiliated," said Rennie, adding that McOsker is sleeping all day and swaying in and out of consciousness.


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