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Waves Could Wipe Out Surfrider Beach Wall Beloved By Malibu Surfers

MALIBU (CBSLA) —  A wall in Malibu known as well known to local surfers as Surfrider Beach could be wiped out by waves soon.

The wall doesn't look like much – its earth-colored bricks are studded with big rocks and paint to cover up graffiti has left it rather gray – but it's beloved by local surfers and has been featured in some famous surf movies.

"It was built in 1928 along with the Adamson House and this whole site that you see here is on the National Historic Registry," Malibu Mayor Zuma Jay said.

These days, however, the wall that surfers have posted their boards against for decades is about 2 to 3 degrees off because of beach erosion. With its perch close to the waves of Surfrider Beach, locals fear a good wave could bring the wall down.

"We've had so much erosion …over this winter, with so much rain and creep and maybe even the fires and the sediment that it's scoured out the beach," surfer Bill Kelmenson said.

An LA County crew moved boulders in front of the wall in an attempt to protect it, but the mayor says several truckloads of cobble are needed to put between the boulders. The city and county don't have the cobble needed, and Zuma Jay says he is planning to make calls to other agencies in search of cobble that could help shore up the wall.

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