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Makeshift home pops up along 110 Freeway in Highland Park

Makeshift home built along 110 Freeway in Highland Park
Makeshift home built along 110 Freeway in Highland Park 01:59

A large and well-built homeless encampment recently popped up alongside the 110 Freeway in Highland Park, drawing the attention of drivers and residents in the area. 

Aerial view of the makeshift home via SkyCal KCAL News

The true feat of craftsmanship, which appears to be two structures made out of wood, tent and tarps, sits perched over the Arroyo Seco just off the side of the freeway. Piles of particularly placed rocks separate the home from the river's cement embankment, and a makeshift fence encircles what looks to be a side yard. 

"The house is amazing," said one man who lives in the area. 

Along with the structure itself, it even appears to be adorned with a series of decorations that include a Dodgers flag flying outside of the door. 

Los Angeles City Councilwoman Eunisses Hernandez, whose office oversees the area, released a statement upon request from KCAL News. 

"Our outreach teams are working to urgently find housing for the individuals living in this encampment and address the safety issues posed by this structure and its proximity to the river," the statement said. "As the City continues to face a housing and homelessness crisis, there are currently not enough housing options available to accommodate the more than 46,000 people who are experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles. Our office believes that this status quo is unacceptable and is working to urgently address this crisis, with both short term and long term solutions."

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