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Make Perfect Desserts With Tips From 'The Secret Baker' President

STUDIO CITY (KCAL9) — Learn the secrets to baking perfect desserts!

Stacey Deering, president of The Secret Baker, stopped by KCAL9 Tuesday to show viewers how to make Mini Heart Chocolate Covered Oreos.

The Secret Baker delivers baking kits to homes that include everything needed to make cookies, cake pops and different treats.

Kit Contents for the Mini Heart Chocolate Covered Oreo:

Cookie Mold

Red melting Chocolates

White melting Chocolates

Paramount Crystals (To improve the chocolate consistency)

A package of Mini Oreo Cookies

Squeeze bottle

Melting tub

Plastic gloves

Plastic Teaspoon


Number of treats per kit: Yields at least 50 cookie treats


* Unpack the kit and review instructions

* Fill the melting tub with red chocolate wafers

*Sprinkle one well rounded teaspoon of the Paramount Crystals over the red chocolates

*Place the chocolates in the microwave and heat in 30 second intervals and stirring between each interval until it is a flowing consistency

*Spoon chocolate into the cavity so it is half full

*Push a mini Oreo into the middle of the mold, careful not to push it to the bottom, you want it in the middle of the chocolate

*Tap the mold on a hard surface

*Fill in the mold with chocolate

*Put the mold in the refrigerator for at least 15 minutes

*Pop the hearts out immediately after they are removed from the refrigerator

*Melt the white chocolate in the other melting bowl using Paramount Crystals to thin

*After it is melted, transfer to squeeze bottle

*Line up the heart cookies in a line and while moving your hand back and forth gently squeeze the chocolate out onto the cookies

*Practice this on a paper towel before decorating cookies if you are nervous


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