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Make-A-Wish Grants Beatles Fan's Dream To Visit England

POMONA ( — A Pomona teen spent her summer vacation walking along Abbey Road, retracing the steps of the Beatles, thanks to the generosity of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

When John, George, Ringo and Paul were twisting and shouting, Sam Murguia's mom wasn't even born yet.

The Fab Four, however, provided the soundtrack for much of Sam's childhood.

"She started liking them probably when she was around 10 or 11," said Sam's mother.

Sam said her grandparents are to blame.

"I think it made me feel closer to my grandparents," she said.

Even when life hit a low note, the guys were there, rocking Sam back to Strawberry Fields.

"I had a big crush on Paul McCartney," Sam said.

Sam needed the boys more than ever when she started feeling sick last year. Initially, doctors thought it was hepatitis A.

"Twelve doctors in the room and they said, 'The liver is failing,'" said Sam.

One day before Sam's father was scheduled for surgery to donate a part of his liver, a better match was found. The surgery was a success.

"My mom actually kissed the doctor's hands. For me, it was a miracle," said Sam's mom.

After Sam recovered from the procedure, the Make-A-Wish Foundation provided her with roundtrip tickets to England.

"It was unreal to take her to Liverpool," said Sam's mom.

"We needed this trip to escape reality," said Sam. "When we were all together, listening to Beatles history, I thought we were more at peace."

Whenever anything gets her down, Sam said she'll always hang onto the words spoken by her favorite music group: Let It Be.

"To let go of anger and keep at peace with yourself," she said.

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