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'What Is Going On?': Woman Says Mail-In Ballots Found Trashed In Santa Monica

SANTA MONICA (CBSLA) - A Santa Monica woman says her husband discovered dozens of mail-in ballots in a trash bin.

Twitter user @cholemama posted a photo of what appeared to be multiple official Los Angeles County ballots that she says were found in a "trash can in the alley."

She wrote: "My husband just found all these ballots in the trash can in the alley. What is going on? Why weren't these delivered?"

A second photo posted showed more ballots reportedly found in another recycling bin on Virginia Avenue between 21st St. and 22nd St.

Oscar de la Torre, who is running for a seat on the Santa Monica City Council, says residents are "alarmed" over the photos.

"This is a terrible, illegal act that threatens to take away the right to vote for dozens of people in Santa Monica," Torres said in a statement. "The United States Postal Inspection Service and the Los Angeles County Clerk need to investigate this quickly, find out how this happened, and ensure that every vote is counted."

Torre urged voters to deliver completed ballots directly to ballot boxes or early voting centers.

Last month, lawmakers demanded the U.S. Postal Inspection Service launch an investigation into reports of two bags of mail being dumped in the parking lot of a Glendale spa.

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