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Madonna Stalker's Personal Possessions Exposed

LONG BEACH (CBS) — A man convicted of stalking Madonna was recently captured after escaping a mental hospital in Norwalk. Now we have learned more about his personal life with a look as his personal possessions.

Robert Dewey Hoskins, 54, kept his possessions inside a Long Beach storage facility until he fell behind with his rent and his belongings were sold.

Robert Hoskins Possessions
(credit: CBS)

We got a look at what was inside, which included many knives of different shapes and sizes.

There was a photo of Hoskins shirtless displaying the Madonna tattoo on his stomach. There was also a picture of the singer striking a similar pose.

There were hand-written rantings complete with misspellings included among Hoskins belongings, which were laid out for us to see.

"A lot of the stuff is normal, but what is strange to see all of the Madonna memorabilia," said Jerry Licardi, who bought the contents of the storage locker, not knowing to whom they belonged.

"I didn't know actually until I got into the office to pay for the locker. That's when they told me that that until belongs to Madonna's stalker and that's when it hit me," Licardi said.

At first glance the items looked like they could be found in a typical garage sale. But after taking a closer look, things were not all so typical.

"We know that there are some bad thoughts and evil thoughts," Private Investigator Sergio Robleto said.

Robleto, a former LAPD homicide detective, is an expert in threat management. He told us what troubled him the most from Hoskins' stuff.

"I think the knives, the tattoo on the stomach, the photos of Madonna – this man is still focused on her and that is what concerns always," he said.

Robert Hoskins Possessions
(credit: CBS)

We also found old home videos -- one showing an elementary school play; another of some children playing with a camera; and one of a woman reading lines from a soap opera.

We had no way of knowing the identities of the people in the videos or why Hoskins had them among his treasured personal possessions. But it is worth nothing that the videos of the young kids, as well as a collection of dolls, were being kept by a man with no known children.

One particular doll did not have a head.

"That, to say the least, bothered me because, is he focusing on something else now? To me that meant real danger and certainly I think a psychologist would be better at evaluating that, but it didn't look good to me," Robleto said.

LAPD detectives were on hand to take photographs of many of the items, but they did not take any as evidence, because there are no active investigations underway.


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