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Lucky Lakers fan sinks half-court shot to win $75,000

Lakers fan nails half court shot to win $75k
Lakers fan nails half court shot to win $75k 00:47

The Los Angeles Lakers may have lost last night, but for one fan it was the best day of his life.

With $75,000 on the line, lucky fan Jamie Murry rubbed his hands, took a deep breath and grabbed a basketball. 

"I was like I got one chance," said Murry.

Lakers fan Jamie Murry (middle) after sinking a half-court shot for $75,000. NBA

Given an opportunity of a lifetime, Murry reminisced about his Laker fandom. Since his first day on Earth, his mother Sandra raised him to cheer for L.A.'s finest, dressing him up in a purple and gold jersey for his newborn photo. His love for basketball grew throughout the years. 

"I went to a little camp at Apollo Park, not too far from my house," he said. "I would just play in the games, play pick up when I got older and now I play at the gym."

From balling at Apollo Park to standing on the same court that his favorite team ran up and down, night in and night out, the 24-year-old Amazon delivery driver had his opportunity to capture a magical moment — all during his first Laker game in 18 years. 

"We were scanning the tickets and a lady approaches us, and she's like 'You guys want to enter for a chance to win some money,'" recalled Murry. "I was like 'Is there a catch?'"

There was no catch. Just one shot from 47 feet out. 

"I kind of wanted to load it up from about the right side, and let it off in the middle," he said. "You know, aim it correctly. That was my technique."

With his technique in mind, Murry lofted up the shot. It clearly banked off the backboard and through the basket. 

Ecstatic, Murry ran around the court in disbelief and into the arms of his idols, including Laker Anthony Davis.

"I had my little fangirl moment," Murry said. "I was just so excited to hug [Davis,] see everybody. "It was just a crazy experience."

With a fresh $75,000 in his pocket, Murry said he'd share it with his family, especially the woman that fostered his love for basketball and the Lakers.

"My mom, she comes first always, so you know, some to her," he said. "Christmas is coming up, so anybody in my family who wants some presents. And the rest, I have to save it. I had to play it smart with this. 

Murry is only the 12th person to ever make the half-court shot on the first try, making him a Lakers legend in his own right. 

"Being able to touch the same floor that Kobe played on, Shaq played on, just all these legends played on," he said. "It was just a blessing."

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