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Los Angeles Unveils Two Plug-In Hybrid-Electric Street Sweepers

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) - Los Angeles introduced two plug-in hybrid-electric street sweepers into service Tuesday, a step toward the city's zero-emission goals.

"Los Angeles is a laboratory for innovation and new technology -- a place that is always guiding the future," Mayor Eric Garcetti said. "With this new hybrid-electric street sweeper, we take another big step forward in achieving our goals of cleaner and greener streets, healthier communities, and a more sustainable future for all Angelenos."

The Elgin Broom Bear sweepers, nicknamed Angus and Malcolm, were launched Tuesday at the Bureau of Street's (also called StreetsLA) North Hollywood Yard. Garcetti was joined by StreetsLA officials, members of the City Council and Rep. Tony Cardenas, D-Los Angeles.

"Expanding the use of electric vehicles to reduce our reliance on gas-fueled vehicles will benefit all of Los Angeles, as our street sweepers and hybrid electric trucks clean our city while reducing greenhouse gases at the same time," Board of Public Works Commissioner Teresa Villegas said. "The dedication of and innovation by StreetsLA represents a strong enthusiasm to pave the way for zero emissions."

Officials on Tuesday also opened the Center for Green Innovation at the North Hollywood Yard, which will serve as a hub to explore ways of enhancing its operations and services through green energy. The center will focus on five themes including a path to zero-emissions fleet, sustainable streetscape and making the bureau's facilities greener.

"This is a big step in StreetsLA's effort to support the city and Mayor's Green Deal," StreetsLA Executive Director Keith Mozee said. "Through this new center, we can focus on various initiatives, while increasing our zero-emissions fleet to help reduce the city's carbon footprint."

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