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Los Angeles' Most Unique Workout Activities Outside A Gym

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Los Angeles is a town where everyone exercises in one form or another. From workouts at the gym to hiking Runyon, there's always something around to do. If the idea of lifting weights isn't at the top of your mind, you're in luck. The city offers a few off beat workout activities for you.

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Rockclimbing In The Dark
The Stronghold Climbing Gym
650 S. Avenue 21
Los Angeles, CA 90031
(323) 505-7000

Rock climbing at night? You heard it right. At The Stronghold Climbing Gym, business is as usual most of the time. But, every few months, they throw in a curve ball by turning off the lights. Climbing is a great workout, but here you'll get a more challenging workout by flexing your muscles in the dark in total concentration. What's more is that Stronghold also offers games in the dark like Twister while DJ's play music and shine bright lights against the walls as you're climbing. Stronghold also offers regular classes though if your skill level isn't up to that just yet.


Trampoline Workout / Dodgeball
7741 Hayvenhurst Ave
Van Nuys, CA 91406
(818) 946-0082

You might think of Skyzone as just a place to jump around, but it's actually a terrific workout. Bounce off the walls on these trampolines, or play a game of dodgeball with a group. Either way, you'll be running around getting a great workout in. And, jumping around on the trampoline is actually great for your muscles which have to continually be moving and working while you're jumping from one spot to the next. With dodgeball or trampoline basketball, you're likely to be getting some great cardio in also! It's a great way to have some fun while also getting some exercise in.

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Yoga Paddleboarding
13977 Palawan Way
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
(805) 283-9642

If you've ever tried paddle-boarding, you'll know it's a pretty fun water sport. Simply push off into the water, balance yourself, stand up and paddle. For a real workout though, you'll want to try doing yoga on a paddle-board. It may be challenging but you'll be a better person for it. YogAqua in Marina del Rey is your ticket to this unique fitness routine. Featuring 90 minutes classes on the open water, you'll be immersed in this fun and challenging workout for the entire time. The first 30 minutes of the lesson is dedicated to learning how to properly stand on the board, and paddle around the harbor. After that, in the remaining hour, you will be doing yoga. Sounds impossible right? Not really. Each board actually has an anchor that is dropped down before the yoga portion of the class starts, which helps you balance, and also helps so you can concentrate on your yoga. Open to all levels and skill sets, students taking the YogAqua classes are taken through a Vinyasa Yoga flow with a detailed lesson so that even if you haven't practiced yoga you'll know what to do. The cost of the class includes all the equipment you'll need, but you can also bring your own board and get a discounted rate per class.

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Circus Workout
Cirque School
5640 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(424) 226-2477

At Hollywood's Cirque School, you'll get to live your life-long dream of becoming a circus performer. Whether you've always wanted to perform trapeze acts or take part in the other aerial feats, Cirque School will help you learn them. Classes in aerial dance, advance aerial fitness, flexibility and strength, balancing, trapeze, contortion and more are offered here.

la river kayaking
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L.A. River Kayaking
L.A. River Kayak Safari
Elysian Park

Kayaking on the L.A. River? You might even ask yourself if the L.A. River is even open to the public. Lucky for you, it is! The L.A. River is seeing something of a resurgence as of late and it is now designated as a navigable river by the Federal Government and protected by the Clean Water Act. If you're a fan of water-sports or working out with water, this is one of the most unique ways of doing it in L.A. Head to L.A. River Kayak Safari and get your workout by kayaking through one of L.A.'s most treasured resources.

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