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Longest Home Runs Ever Hit Out Of Dodger Stadium

After Giancarlo Stanton launched a behemoth solo home run beyond the reaches of Dodger Stadium on Tuesday, we decided to take a look at some of the longest home runs ever hit at Chavez Ravine.

5.) Mike Piazza - 1997 - 420 feet

On Sept. 21, 1997, Mike Piazza, near the end of a gargantuan season at the plate (40 home runs, 124 RBI, .638 slugging), stepped to the plate in the bottom of the third inning. The Dodgers were leading the Colorado Rockies, 2-1, with a runner on first base and one out, as Piazza connected on a hanging change-up thrown by Frank Castillo for a titanic blast into left field. The ball connected with the top of the bleachers in the Left Field Pavilion and parted ways with Dodger Stadium en route to the parking lot. The shot was measured at 420 feet.

Piazza's homer clears Dodger Stadium by MLB on YouTube

4.) Willie Stargell - 1973 - 470 feet

The second home run Stargell hit out of the Dodger Stadium, and the shorter of the two, occurred May 8, 1973. Stargell connected off Andy Messersmith to send the ball a measured 470 feet over the right-field bleachers and onto the pavement beyond.

3.) Giancarlo Stanton - 2015 - 475 feet

Stanton's homer Tuesday night goes down as the third-longest shot ever hit at Dodger Stadium. Connecting off Mike Bolsinger in the top of the first inning with no score, Stanton literally launched the ball beyond the bleachers in left field. Statcast reported that the ball left the stadium with a velocity of 114 mph with an estimated projection of 475 feet. It was the first homer hit out of Dodger Stadium since Mark McGwire's 1999 shot. Unfortunately for the Marlins, it was the only score of the night, and the Dodgers traded a bit of hurt pride for a 21-hit fireworks show and an 11-1 win.

Stanton crushes homer out of Dodger Stadium by MLB on YouTube

2.) Mark McGwire - 1999 - 483 feet

May 22, 1999, may well be the reason the Dodgers would one day hire Mark McGwire as their hitting coach. McGwire sent the ball thrown by then-rookie Jamie Arnold in the eighth inning 483 feet to left-center field for his second homer of the night. The ball bounced off the top of the Left Field Pavilion and even prompted Vin Scully to proclaim, "Woah!"

Big Mac's Dodger Stadium moonshot by MLB on YouTube

1.) Willie Stargell - 1963 - 506 feet

The first home run ever to be hit out of Dodger Stadium was also the longest. Stargell's incomparable shot, hit off Alan Foster, measured 506 feet. There was no flirting with any part of the playing field, and no bouncing off the top of any bleachers. This ball cleared every part of the stadium, and then part of the parking lot. The human ability to match, let alone top, such a feat is questionable at best.

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