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Long Line Forms At OC Gun Shop As Unrest Continues

LAGUNA NIGUEL (CBSLA) — There was a long line of gun buyers in Laguna Niguel Tuesday afternoon at the On Target indoor shooting range where the owner says he's busier than ever.

"It started with COVID, and now it's the riots," Gregg Bouslog, On Target owner, said. "And it's the looting, and it's the fear that people have. They've decided they want to obtain something to protect themselves."

In that line was a South Orange County mom who said she has not owned a gun before.

"I've been wanting to do this for a while," Innessa Solovyev said. "But this is kind of like the tipping point where I needed to protect myself."

But because of the law, none of the shoppers will leave the store with a firearm. There is a 10-day waiting period, and because of delays and a lack of supply, some might have to wait even longer.

Some gun shops have reported as much as a 30-day delay in some cases.

"Well, we just have a lot of concerns," a gun buyer, who wanted to remain anonymous, said. "I mean, the police are only limited to what they can do, and there seems to be a lot of organization in the protests, not so much in the protests, but with the rioters, for sure, that we don't know where this is going to track, what neighborhoods this is going to go into."

Bouslog said an elected official was in the store after their address was released on social media.

"So that person was here with their spouse to obtain protection because they know there's no other choice," he said.

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