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Long Beach Takes Aim At Public Intoxication By Banning Repeat Offenders From Belmont Shore

LONG BEACH ( — A 24-year-old man cannot visit Belmont Shore after pleading no contest to public intoxication.

City leaders hope banning people like Andrew Zea from the popular 2nd Street corridor will send a message of zero tolerance to people who come to drink heavily from noon-3 a.m.

"This is going to target the most disruptive people who come to Belmont Shore, not to enjoy the restaurants here but to get drunk and to create problems," said Long Beach city prosecutor Doug Haubert, who's behind the program that was first used .

Residents have complained for years about the rowdy behavior they say is fueled by alcohol.

Long Beach police say this three-year "stay away order" is a useful tool to help them curb alcohol-related crime.

Restaurants and bars on 2nd St. will have a record of who's on the ban so when ID's are swiped they'll be aware of who isn't supposed to be there.

Other residents felt that a three-year ban was a bit excessive.

"That's probably the worst part about it. Maybe, maybe six months at a time. But three years is too much," said resident Ben Wilson.

Zea had two prior offenses in the area and was arrested on his third offense on Saturday. He pleaded no contest to public drunkenness and a judge sentenced him to 60 days in jail and banned him from 2nd St. for three years.

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