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Long Beach Police Identify, Interview Man Who Pulled Unconscious Guy Off Train

LONG BEACH (CBSLA)  -- Long Beach police have identified the man who pulled an unconscious man off a Metro train because he was eager to get home.

Police would not give the man's name but said they've also spoken to him.

Officials told CBS2's Dave Lopez they were continuing to investigate the incident.

What they do know is that a man in a business suit, saw a man on his train in need of medical attention.

A man named Billion who recorded the incident on his cellphone saw the man start to pull the unconscious man off the train when he began filming.

The man who was dragged off the train is in the hospital in guarded condition.

Billion said other passengers told the man "he had no right to put his hands on him. And he wasn't just some bum he could dispose of."

He says the man was repeatedly told by other passengers to stop.

"We all started telling him, put him down, get your hands off him," Billion says. "You have no right to be touching him."

Train Incident
(credit: BillionGODSun/YouTube)

The man in the suit is showing tossing the unconscious man's belongings off the train.

Meanwhile, one passenger called for medical help. Another, Billion said, went to the conductor to stop the train.

Billion said the man never asked him to stop filming -- "not that I can remember" -- but he was struck at the man's lack of humanity.

"I just couldn't believe someone could do something like that," he said.

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Lopez was told the man in the suit -- believed to be 65 and a veteran -- lives in a Long Beach retirement complex.  Lopez went to that complex and management and people who lived there acknowledged the man was a neighbor -- and asked Lopez to leave.

They refused to answer questions about the man, Lopez reported.

Police said they talked to the man in the suit but have not thoroughly interviewed him -- that's coming up.

As far as any charges go, that remains to be seen.

Police told Lopez they want to talk to more witnesses on the train -- they said they didn't want to press charges based solely on the video they have.

Of course, the question still remains -- what made that man feel compelled to pull another off the train in the first place?

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