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Local Security Expert Believes US Will Be Called In To Respond To Paris Terrorist Attacks

LOS ANGELES ( —  Terror attacks in Paris have heightened security concerns across Europe.

KCAL9's Cristy Fajardo spoke to a local security expert who believes the US will be asked to take a larger role in the fight against ISIS.

She also reported about France's response. The French president called the terrorist attack "an act of war."

Meanwhile, firecrackers were set off during a memorial service in Paris and sent mourners running.

On Sunday, aided by the US and Iraqi intelligence, French war planes took to the air.

Ten fighter jets reportedly dropped 20 bombs on ISIS strongholds and training grounds in Syria.

Robert Lloyd, an international relations professor at Pepperdine University, said the airstrikes are just the beginning.

He also believes the US will be called in to join the new response.

"Some members of the US Congress have said that France should invoke article 5 of the North Atlantic Treary Organization's (NATO) treaty which says one for and all for one, so an attack on France would be an attack on the US," Lloyd said.

Meanwhile, the hunt for those responsible in the attacks continues. Police zeroed in on a rental car found near the concert hall -- scene of much of the carnage -- and traced it to  Belgium.

Seven people, including two French terrorists, have been arrested.

"There is a lot of intelligence that is shared among the countries and that helps to identify individuals," Lloyd says.

Just days before the attack, Iraqi officials say they warned the French that an attack was imminent and that terrorists were planning on bombings, hostage taking and assassinations. They also warned of a sleeper cell in France.

Security officials in France says the warnings did not include a specific place or time.

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